Welcome to Angel Archers Inc.

About Us:

Angel Archers Inc. was founded by 5 Tournament Archers in June, 2011. Crib Point.
Peter Nelson-Furnell
Dawn Nelson-Furnell
Debbie Tremelling
Mark Perry
Jessica Perry
 In July, 2013 we  were lucky to be given the opportunity to share Emu Plains Reserve Balnarring  and make it our home training ground.

Angel Archers Inc.

We are a diverse and social club with a membership that includes people of all ages, and from different backgrounds

Affiliated with Archery Victoria, Archery Australia and Internationally with  World Archery.  WA is the world body for archery and is recognised by the International Olympic committee.  WA establishes the rules governing the variety of archery tournaments, including target, field, ski, run, flight and clout competitions..

Coaching is available for beginners and experienced archers  of  Recurve, Longbow  and compound style bows.  New archers (who have not been registered with
Archery Australia previously) are required to attend an introductory course which covers  basic shooting,
etiquette and safety.

A fee is charged for the course and all the equipment is provided. Archers, no matter how experienced, never stop learning, Our coaches and senior archers are happy to assist in helping archers at all levels.