Welcome to the Home of the Angels

We may be a small Club, but we reckon we are pretty special and honoured to be able to shoot on the Mornington Peninsula at Balnarring.

The Club can cater for most forms of archery (excluding Crossbows) and assures you of a warm welcome.

We are a diverse and social club with a membership that includes people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

The Club is affiliated with Archery Victoria, Archery Australia and, Internationally with World Archery. (WA is the world body for archery and is recognised by the International Olympic Committee. It establishes the rules governing the variety of archery tournaments, including target, field, ski, run, flight and clout competitions.)

Coaching is available for beginners and experienced archers of Recurve, Longbow  and compound style bows. New archers (who have not been registered with Archery Australia previously) are required to attend an introductory course which covers  basic shooting, etiquette and safety.

A fee is charged for the course and all the equipment is provided. Archers, no matter how experienced, never stop learning, Our coaches and senior archers are happy to assist in helping archers at all levels.

Use the Contact Us page to send us a message or make an enquiry.

Angel Archers 2017

Archery Victoria Current State and Championship Records  click here
December 2017  (CTL F for search of your acronym or type in the name of your division.)


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Angel Archers Calendar  2017

December 2nd  - Angel Archers Registered Christmas Clout Event - Cancelled due to insufficant entries

December 9th  - General Meeting - Angel Archers Christmas Novalty Shoot / Christmas Clout and Luncheon

December 25th  - Merry Christmas Angel Archers !!

December 30th  -  Training from  9.30am   Club Shoot   WA 900
December 31st -    Training from 10.00am  - Field Round  from 11.00am

Angel Archers Calendar  2018 - Happy New Year!!!!
Event Angel Archers will be hosting ~

Jan 6th & 7th  - Angel Archers Working Bee - to get ready for our State Event

Jan 21st -   State Short Range - Angel Archers will be hosting the Short Range
Feb -


February : 2018

Sat 10th         Training from 9.30am
                       Club Shoot – Fita 900  Relative to Age Divs
                       New Members Distance Qualifying  from 10.00am


Sat 17th       Training from 9.30am
                       Club Shoot – Fita 900  Relative to Age Divs
                       New Members Distance Qualifying  from 10.00am

Sat 24th         Angel Archers Target Range  Closed – Due to Gun Club Operations

Sun 25th         Training from 9.30am
                       Club Shoot – Fita 720 Relative to Age Divs
                       New Members Distance Qualifying  from 10.00am

March 3rd      Beginners course      To register click here
March 10th    Beginners course
March 24th    Beginners course

July 29th  - Angel Archers Field Grand Prix  - Mornington Peninsula Trophy

Happy Shooting
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News Headlines

Welcome to Angel Archers Inc.


Angel Archers Inc. was founded by 5 Tournament Archers in June, 2011 at Crib Point.

Upcoming Events

Angel Archers Beginners Course 1-18      Dates :  March 3rd, March 10th  & March 24th 2018

Click Here to Register

Angel Archers are hosting the 2018 State Short Range Championships
WA Registered
Event info and Online entry Click here
Rounds to be shot Click Here

Sat 9th December Angel Archers Inc General Meeting 9.30am Sharp
Followed by Angel Archers Christmas Party Novalty Shoot, Christmas Luncheon, Club Presentations and Christmas Clout !

Sat 18th Nov 9.30am Sharp
Angel Archers Inc. (AGM) 2017 Annual General Meeting
Angel Archers General Meeting to follow the AGM


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Our Committee 2015


Angel Archers Committee 2017 / 2018

Peter Nelson-Furnell.          President 

Debbie Tremelling               Vice - President 

Dawn Nelson-Furnell           Secretary / Treasurer / AVRLS  /  Archery Victoria State Recorder

Dawn Nelson-Furnell           Recorder

Graeme Godwin                  General Committee

Gerard Middendorp              General Committee  


Angel Archers Coaches / Instructors:

Dawn Nelson-Furnell    Regional Coach
Peter Nelson-Furnell    Regional Coach
Debbie Tremelling    Coach
Graeme Godwin       Instructor
Gerard Middendorp   Instructor

Angel Archers  - National Judges:

Dawn Nelson- Furnell
Peter Nelson-Furnell
Debbie Tremelling


Angel Archers LIFE MEMBERS

Peter Nelson-Furnell      07.11.2015
Dawn Nelson-Furnell      07.11.2015
Debbie Tremelling           07.11.2015